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3 Reasons Why Vaping CBD Oil is your Best Choice

Monday, July 22nd, 2019
why vaping cbd

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The benefits of CBD oil are numerous. Some of them confirmed by researchers some of them by thousands of satisfied consumers but all of them certainly great for humans’ health and well-being.


As an ongoing so-to-say trend, CBD is now present on the market in many different forms and products. Therefore, people that practice the use of CBD can choose to intake it through food, tincture, spray, pills, gummies or through the process of vaping.


Vaping is yet another fast-spreading trend as the interest for this substitute for smoking increases every day. Luckily, the practice for vaping is a good way for you to satisfy your daily CBD needs. These two ongoing trends go hand-in-hand and are a combination that offers you the full potential of the CBD oil benefits.

What is Vaping?


Vaping is the process of inhaling and exhaling of vapor which is produced by a vaporizer. A vaporizer is a general name for all electronic cigarettes and all sorts of vaping devices. These electronic devices simulate smoking, they are battery-powered and are activated by pressing a button or taking a puff.


There are many different types of vaporizers but they generally fell under two groups:


  1.   The ones that heat an e-liquid in order to create vapor – e-cigs, vape pens
  2.   The ones that are used for vaping dry cannabis – weed pens


For those of you that are not very familiar with vaping, most of the vaping devices that use e-liquids can be used for vaping CBD oil. Even though there are a number of different ways to take CBD, vaping CBD oil is known to be the most effective. Moreover, it has a lot of additional benefits to your health and we will discuss them in the text below.


Here is why vaping CBD oil is a great choice for your daily intake.  


Vaping CBD Oil Maximizes the Effect


Taking CBD through the digestive system as CBD oil drops or in form of food requires a prolonged period of time for the effect to kick in. Moreover, it takes a while for the CBD to hit our bloodstream and this may lower the potential effect. Vaping, on the other hand, means instant transportation of the CBD to the blood cells.


The vaping device heats up the CBD oil, transforms it into a vapor that you inhale directly to your lungs. From your lungs through blood vessels goes directly to your bloodstream resulting with an instant effect.


Vaping CBD is recommended for people that are using it for the purpose of dealing with anxiety issues. Whenever you are in a situation that triggers your anxiety or if you are dealing with social anxiety – your vaporizer is your calming agent. Studies have shown that CBD really does have an effect on reducing the symptoms of anxiety and stress.


Inhaling your CBD through a vaporizer is a good choice no matter what is the reason you are using it for.


why vaping cbd 1

“Copyright: Flickr/author: Lindsay Fox / I License: CCBY2.0


You Can Easily Control the CBD Dosage


Many people struggle with defining the right daily dosage of CBD. This strongly depends on the individual, its organism and its sensitivity of CBD. Therefore, the only way to determine what dosage is suitable for you is to experiment with the dosage and observe your body’s reactions.


It is recommended to start with a very small dosage and subsequently increasing it. Vaping is ideal for taking control of this situation. As the effect is felt immediately after inhaling you can decide in no time if you need more or you already had enough. As you practice it every day you can subtly increase your dosage if you feel the need to.


Vaping CBD Can Help You Quit Smoking


Vaping has shown to be a great smoking cessation aid. If you are a smoker you are probably already familiar with all the negative and harmful effects it has on the body. Vaping, on the other hand, is stated to be a safe substitute for smoking while it offers the same enjoyable feeling.


If you are a CBD user and thinking of purchasing a vaporizer for this purpose you can also use it to quit smoking. Apart from your CBD dosage, you can adjust your nicotine levels and subsequently lower those until you are no more addicted to this harmful substance.


Don’t forget about all those flavors!

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