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Essential Things You Should Know about CBD Vape Oil

Friday, July 12th, 2019
Health Benefits

Why is CBD vape oil causing such a fuss across the globe? It is an extract of the hemp and cannabis plants that is less harsh on your health than nicotine. CBD stands for cannabidiol and studies have shown it has health benefits such as alleviating pain, reducing anxiety, and improving sleep quality.

Not all CBD products are in oil form. The right term for the category would be CBD vape e-liquid or e-juice. The term oil suits products infused with coconut oil during processing, such as oral tinctures.

CBD vape oil consists of propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, which are thinning components. We will talk about them later.

Types of CBD Oil

There are two kinds of CBD oil: CBD vape oil(https://www.worldvaping.com/best-cbd-vape-juice/) and CBD hemp oil.

As for the hemp oil, you cannot vaporize it but with the vape oil, you can. Both types are extracts of CBD, a component found in a hemp plant.

CBD hemp oil may contain traces of THC in amounts that do not make you feel high. It should not be used as an e-liquid.

CBD vape oil is also called CBD vape juice or e-liquid. It is usable in e-cigarettes. The vape product does not contain THC, which is a psychoactive component. In the US, hemp crops with less than 0.3% THC are legal since the amount is low enough not to alter the normal functioning of your mind.

How Safe Is e-juice for Vaping?

E-juices use two types of thinning components PG and VG. VG (vegetable glycerin) is a safe liquid used in diluting CBD into juice and does not cause health risks to your body. Though approved by the FDA, PG (propylene glycol) is harmful if consumed in large measures. At high temperature, it becomes toxic ,causing health issues such as asthma and liver and kidney disorders.

Therefore, it is only prudent that you buy e-juices that containing VG to prevent you from developing ailments. One common thing about PG and VG is that they both have a neutral flavor.

The Legality of CBD Vape Oil

As more countries continue to legalize CBD vape oil, 50 states in the United States consider it legal. You do not need a doctor’s prescription to use the e-juice. Are you worried about drug tests at work? E-liquids contain natural components that cannot be flagged drug ingredients.

Vaping CBD oil is not like smoking nicotine. Smoking burns cigarette contents thus can be harsh on your respiratory system. Vaping devices heat e-juices causing less damage to your system. Besides, you do not have to worry about being a nuisance to the people around you.

What Are the Side Effects of E-liquid?

For starters, e-liquids are not psychoactive; you will not feel high after consumption. CBD vape oil is not addictive. The last thing you need is being hooked on something that may cause you to overdose.

Vaping CBD oil has minimal effects as compared to other forms, such as concentrates, tinctures, and capsules. For example, taking cannabidiol orally brings about inconsistent absorption; therefore, delaying the effect.

Vape juices are made from CBD isolate with no THC and raw hemp with little THC. Even if you choose THC vape juice(https://www.worldvaping.com/best-thc-vape-juice/), as long as it is 0.3% or less, there is nothing to worry about. The percentage cannot make you feel high.

The mild effects of using CBD vape oil are dry mouth and slight drowsiness when you vape a lot. If you experience a dry mouth, drink water to hydrate. Avoid vaping for too long or using a lot of e-liquid.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing CBD Vape Oil

Some e-liquids dealers use specific tactics to lure you into buying their products. Be vigilant when shopping to avoid falling for their tricks. Here are some examples of techniques to look out for and how to avoid them.
The amount of CBD milligrams

Some companies use milligrams to confuse you about the amount of CBD in the brands they offer you. For instance, when the label says 250mg, it is not the amount of CBD in the item but the total volume of the content in the bottle.

CBD e-juices contain different ingredients with cannabidiol as one of them. The CBD level in a product is labelled in a percentage. Look for it on the package before purchase. If you cannot find it, contact the company and inquire.

Sketchy Information

Every manufacturer will claim that their CBD vape product is the best making it difficult for you to make a proper purchasing decision. It is more strenuous when you have no idea what to buy. Not everything you come across is worth consuming.

An authentic company uses a third party lab to test their items and is willing to share the results with customers. As you browse through different makes online and at the local store, keep in mind the third party testing pointer.


Do not buy something just because the company says it is good. A second opinion is always beneficial in helping you buy the correct CBD vape oil for your needs.


Be wary of CBD vape oil companies that take every opportunity they can get to advertise what they are offering. Overselling an item makes clients question its quality.


An excellent product does not need hard selling to attract sales. However, if you come across an establishment that is trying too hard to impress you with their offers, find another option. Chances are their products may not be right for you, the company is after making profits, and it does not care about providing quality CBD products.

Free Samples

Those free samples may not be as free as you may think. Some entities use the tactic to entice you into taking their samples only to charge you later for a container you did not order. Besides, what is the point of having free samples when you pay shipping fees? A trustworthy CBD vape oil business is honest about what they are sell and does not force expenses on you when they say something is free.

Extraction Method

The method of CBD extraction determines the purity and quality of the cannabidiol. Manufacturers use different procedures, but CO2 removal is the best of them all. It removes active CBD ingredients from the hemp plant with high efficiency to provide top-notch CBD.

With the above guide about CBD vape oil, you now know the basic things about it. If you have any worries about the safety and side effects of e-juice, the good news is that it is safe and the few side effects only occur when you vape a lot of it or continuously. However, it is not mandatory to experience the effects.


CBD vape oil is not psychoactive or addictive. Keep in mind the factors we have discussed during purchase to avoid being duped.

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