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7 Good Alternatives To Prescription Painkillers

Monday, August 13th, 2018
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Prescription painkillers have a higher dosage of active ingredients than over-the-counter pain medication. This is often prescribed for people with serious injuries, cancer, or any chronic illnesses that are extremely unbearable. Unfortunately, you can develop tolerance with prescription painkillers. That means you will need more painkillers in order to obtain the therapeutic effect. A higher dosage of painkiller can result in unfavorable side effects such as stomach upset, suppress respiratory system, suppressed cardiovascular system, and other more deadly and unwanted side effects.


The thing about prescription pain medication is that some people tend to develop an addiction to it. These pain meds have such a high dosage of active ingredients that it can release a higher amount of chemicals from your brain. These brain chemicals can result in instant gratification, pleasure, and a pleasant high. This can easily lead to an addiction to a constant need for these medications. This is why a lot of people would randomly go to a hospital to make a fake complaint in order to get their hands on these drugs. If they can’t get the drugs from the hospital, they will most likely to get them from the streets. Prescription drugs on the streets can be very expensive and can bankrupt anyone. Plus these drugs are not completely pure, this can be very dangerous if it does not adapt well to your body.


In order to decrease the chance of having the side effects, it’s best to consider alternative ways of relieving pain.

CBD oil

CBD is an active ingredient in marijuana. Since marijuana is legal in the majority of the states, you can find CBD oil for sale sale everywhere. These oils will provide a relaxing effect that can help calm the nerves and reduce any pain and suffering that you might be having. The body produces ECS compound which stands for Endocannabinoid system that helps regulate sleep, pain, appetite, and immune response. The ECS are neurotransmitters that bind to the cannabinoid receptors in your nervous system. Studies have shown that the CBD oil can interact with the ECS system to reduce pain and inflammation.


Acupuncture might look painful especially if you have to witness a bunch of needles on your back, but in fact, it’s really quite relaxing. The needles will stimulate the receptor of your brain to release endorphins. Endorphins can act as painkillers and pleasure signals to relax you. There are many practitioners who have gone through extra training to obtain an official acupuncture certificate to practice the art. Make sure to check your local state board to help you find a licensed practitioner to provide you with the acupuncture service.


If you have a headache or a backache, you can have a massage therapist to help you out. The purpose of the message is to relax the muscles. When the muscles are relaxed, the blood vessels are dilated and chemical signals are released. Endorphins could get a release from your brain and travel quickly through the dilated blood vessels to further mitigate any pain that you might be having. A licensed massage therapist will know which methods and techniques that can help alleviate knots and tension that are causing you pain. This is why It’s important to have a licensed massage therapist to help you rather than someone who isn’t licensed.


When you meditate, you focus on your breathing and your self. It’s a very calming activity because you are sitting in a relaxing position and at peace. Through mindful meditation, you focus on self-acceptance. This will help you spend less time thinking or worrying about your pain and more time accepting the pain to reduce the intensity. Research has shown that adults with chronic back pain have witnessed a major improvement after mindful meditation treatment. It has been shown that people who meditate on a daily basis have better focus, concentration, reduce stress, and anxiety in their life, as well as a higher threshold for pain.

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Pain can bring a lot of stress and depression. You can talk to a therapist to get a consult to find ways and strategy to cope with the pain. Cognitive behavior therapy is an effective psychological treatment to help alleviate dysfunctional thoughts and attitudes that are associated with pain and depression. CBT aims to recognize the symptoms, control the perception of pain, and focus all the negativity elsewhere.


Yoga helps to improve flexibility and relaxation. It will reduce your stress level to help decrease pain and anxiety. People often claimed that when they experience a headache or body aches, the slow motion of yoga helps significantly reduce that. People are also gushing that yoga on a daily basis has helped them concentrate and focus on their work better.

Over-the-counter painkillers

Painkillers from your local drug stores have a smaller dosage of active ingredients. They aren’t as powerful as prescription painkillers, but they can do the job. They have less dangerous side effects and issues than the prescription painkillers. Sometimes a simple aspirin or NSAIDs can get rid of a headache. Keep in mind that prescription painkillers can be very addictive and people are more likely to develop an addiction or deadly side effects from these meds. Luckily, with over-the-counter meds, they are less likely to cause these issues.


With a lot of people addicted to prescription painkillers, it can be very dangerous. At a very high dose, it can suppress your heart rate and your breathing resulting in a respiratory and cardiac arrest. In addition to the painkillers, a high dose of active ingredients can erode your stomach leading to severe ulcers and perforations. It is a good idea to consult other modalities of alleviating your pain before asking for prescription medication. These alternative methods such as CBD oils, yoga, meditation, therapy, and other sources can help take your mind off of the pain and anxiety. If you try any of these alternatives, it might be the right dose of medication that you need to help manage any chronic pain. That way, you will never have to experience the addiction and side effects of prescription pain meds.

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