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It’s a Great Day for a Weird Wedding

Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

Your wedding day is meant to be one of the happiest days of your life, spent surrounded by the ones you love and the person you are choosing to spend the rest of your life with. You’ll need to weed out those you want to invite to this special day from those you do not. As a couple, you and your new significant other will need to make several joint decisions about the wedding like: which venue to choose, which clothes to wear, and which types of intoxicants to serve.


Both consumption and use of marijuana has largely stayed under the table (or in a car) at weddings mostly due to the stigma surrounding its users for years. But with the increase of weed-legal states, how couples choose to incorporate weed into their big day has risen significantly. Whether you are attending a weed wedding or merging your life with another person, here is what you should expect to need to throw the weed wedding of your dreams.  

Get Inspired

Every great wedding begins with a vision. Whether you are planning on having your wedding in the middle of a dispensary, or you are considering subtly incorporating marijuana into your wedding day, take the time to get some inspiration for your nuptials. It can be helpful to attend a pro-marijuana wedding expo like the Cannabis Wedding Expo in Denver.


Choosing to hire a cannabis wedding planner to do everything for you can take the stress out of creating your special day. No matter what your budget may be, they can help you handle your weed wedding gracefully. Not only can they help inspire your wedding day, they can even help you find good pot to hand out to guests. Some event planning companies offer cannabis-infused bouquets, centerpieces, and flower arrangements.


Even though a lot of states have made recreational marijuana legal, the venue you choose may not be weed friendly. So carefully vet the location you want to have your wedding at. Let the venue know your intentions upfront, explaining how you plan to indulge during and before your wedding. Being upfront with them from the get go eases everyone’s concerns immediately and prevents issues from arising on your big day.


Be flexible in the way you want to consume marijuana, and compromise with the venue owner if you feel that they are concerned with usage. Keep in mind that some venues may not allow you to smoke weed on their property, but may allow you to rent a party bus or motorhome to park on their property to serve as a private lounge.


The reception is one of the most important part of a wedding — aside from the exchange of vows, of course. This is a time to reconnect with old friends and family and celebrate the union of you and your significant other. Making sure that your guests know in advance that the reception is marijuana friendly can ensure that everyone who attends feels comfortable.


Set up a bud bar and hire a budtender to run it. They can help monitor who can legally partake and who cannot while helping those who can smoke customize their experience. Treat the bud bar at your wedding as you would an open bar, and don’t ask guests to open their wallets to indulge. These budtending services can cost anywhere between $300 to $1,000 a night depending on the service they offer and are helpful because they help guests determine for themselves the best way to consume marijuana.


Near the guest book (or in lieu of), leave recipe cards for your friends and family to write down their favorite dishes. After the wedding you can have these cards converted into a cookbook and have a list of recipes (both weed friendly and not) to try on your honeymoon and in the years to come. This is a great way to get that secret recipe from your aunt who has been holding out on you or your stoner friend who makes the best pot brownies.  

Consider Consumption Preferences

Some of your guests won’t want to spend the night smelling like they hotboxed their college dorm room again, and that’s okay! There are so many beneficial ways to consume marijuana, so consider the ways that you will offer it at your wedding. Edibles are a must, and they’re most likely already on your list of options.


To avoid offending any of your non-smoking friends, consider creating a seperate space specifically for smoking, just as you would for cigarettes. This area should be well ventilated,

allowing those who want to smoke to partake without affecting anyone who is not interested.

A vape station is another great way for guests to consume discreetly at your wedding. Like a smoking section, this can be separated from the rest of the party to respect guests that don’t partake. By supplying vape pens and offering different strains in each, your guests can indulge without the characteristic stoner cloud hanging above them.

Food and Drink

No good wedding is complete without an assortment of food and drinks. Cannabis cocktails are great for a wedding day. These are alcohol-free drinks drinks that include cannabis infused syrup, making it great for people who don’t drink. You can either work with a budtender to recreate your favorite drink or compose a signature drink special for the night. These classy edibles are great for a celebration event and far from your classic stoner scene.


Edibles are a great option for anyone who wants to subtly incorporate marijuana into their wedding day. Small edibles with a small dosage allow your guests to consume marijuana subtly and safely. For a fun swing on a typical wedding day offer cannabis cotton candy, lollipops, miniature chocolates, or marijuana-infused drinks. It is recommended that you place an edibles bar in its own corner out of the way of the rest of the night’s festivities. This can keep unapproving guests or underage guests from accidentally eating them.

Provide Wedding Favors

Gifting your guests with wedding favors is a great way to thank them for taking time out of their lives to come celebrate with you. Create ganja goodie bags for wedding favors. In them, include customized matches or lighters, engraved grinders, or small pipes. Add in a personalized mason jar with a few joints. This will give guests something to remember the day by in case the night gets a little hazy.


A company called KushKards offers stationary with a built-in joint holder attached. For those who don’t smoke, consider going a safer route for wedding favors. You can include things like hemp lip balms for those who aren’t partaking.  


Some people choose to have weed with them at the altar, pinned to their lapel, stuffed in the bride’s bouquet. Some couples will even plan to seal the deal not with a ring but with a unity bowl. The extent to which you incorporate marijuana into your wedding day is entirely up to you.  A study reported that one in seven adults in the United States smoke weed on a regular basis, meaning that if you chose to toke up after your vows you’re not alone. With the rise in legal weed, the opportunities to incorporate cannabis into your big day are endless.

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