5 Tips on How to Select High-Quality Cannabis

Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

Like going to the grocery store, there is an art or be it a science to selecting the best quality of cannabis. You will be looking for some of the signs that could indicate that the products are quality and they it is worth every hard-earned dollar that you spend at the dispensary or your local dealer. This is not a skill that one will pick right off and it is quite surprising that most people will have a difficulty in selecting the right weed, even when they have given a clearly best quality weed on one hand and a poor one on the other. Largely to blame is the lack quality tutorials that enhance the skills of picking the best quality that one can find. Why bother with the quality of the weed, after all, it is weed you may ask. Well, as it turns, this is a dead wrong assumption and this mainly for reasons, one being that everyone will tell you that they have best in stock and the second impact after taking it.


Experts at Best Pot say that there is a number of elements to consider when selecting the best weed and one of them is the color. Again like your skill in picking out the best spinach from the bunch, colors play a vital role in selecting the right cannabis. Ideally, there are three tiers of weed including a low quality, a medium quality, and a higher quality. With the low quality, what to look for is the brown in color. This is the kind of weed one gets from the street; this also explains why it is cheap. The medium quality is what is most commonly grown in the US. The color of such weed is a wide range of green hues and will have colorful pistils. The high-quality cannabis, on the other hand, is an entire league of its own. This is cannabis that will stand out from the shelves from their diverse color spectrum. These will have inviting green colors compared to the rest.

Go Organic

It is also crucial to go organic; in this case, there are very high chances that the product you you buy will be of the highest quality. For the organic cannabis, there is no use of pesticides and other toxic chemicals that are harmful to a body and the environment. For small farmers that are doing organic farming, they are faithful on the cultivation practices thereby can ensure the best quality of their products. However, it is important to be keen on where one is buying the product and what standards this place has.


This calls for the third option and this is the oldest trick in the game of products and brands. The industry has highly developed over the last several years, and merchants have established quality brands that customers can rely on. Like selecting goods from the shelf anywhere across the nation, having the best brands in mind saves the consumers a lot of headaches when trying to determine the quality of the cannabis. This is relative to the fact that, there is a certain quality that one comes to expect from the leading brands. It also saves one time as they only need to know the brand and they can ask for the same anywhere across the States where it is now legal to buy cannabis over the counter.


Another approach that goes closely with the mainstream practices of consumer skills, is the use of the labels that are placed on the containers. In most of the states, the dealers are required to have labels that have information important for the buyers. Such labels will have information such as location data, size, strain identity, weight, cultivation source and even the date. In some cases, there also has to be some data on pharmacologically active ingredients. This could be very crucial when it comes to assessing what contents are relative to one is looking for. It is in consideration of the fact that, other than the recreation needs, cannabis is also used for medicinal purposes and as such, different needs will require different ingredients. At the same time, there is an element of preference where one prefers cannabis that has certain ingredients. Information such as the train is quite crucial as giving that different strains will give the user different highs. This means that a user that experiences the Indica strain is likely to have a downer effect on them when it comes to the Sativa strains; when don’t, one is likely to have an energizing feeling. The hybrids, on the other hand, tend to have a little of both worlds.


Conclusively, when buying cannabis whether, for recreational or medical purposes, it is important for the user to understand what to look for. With the criteria described above, you will be able to select good cannabis and save your money and health when being offered to buy low quality weed.

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This site has taught me what marijuana can do. It has got me so fucking high. Thanks for the rolling tips, they really work!
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