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DIY Cannabis Powder…It’s A Game Changer

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018
powdered cannabis

We all like to get high on quality cannabis products. If you are not smoking pot, you are probably consuming it as an edible. Every stoner or any regular cannabis user know their limit. Whether they are consuming it for recreational purposes or for its medicinal value. The main problem comes when one overdoses’ of cannabis. This may happen to new cannabis edibles consumers. For new users wanting a more regulated experience, powdered cannabis may be an answer.

New cannabis users may be impatient when they have consumed cannabis edibles like cookies.

They may feel that the high is not kicking in as fast as they would want. As such, they end up consuming much more edibles than they should have. Doing so results in overdosing’ which may lead to panic attacks and extreme paranoia. That last thing you want is going through such a horrific experience. Weed is meant to be fun and relaxing. Not the other way round.


In order to avoid such scenarios. It is important to understand cannabis and how it works, but before we go into the nitty-gritty of how weed works in our system, I want us to discuss about cannabis powder. This amazing product has been around for years. In fact, as soon as people discovered they could get high on weed, they came up with different ways of consuming it. One of them was grinding cannabis flowers them consuming ground dust.

The Power of Powdered Cannabis

Today, we have powdered cannabis edibles that have completely revolutionized the marijuana industry. They come in a wide range of variables like those that can be mixed with water and those in powder form for baking. They can basically be used in anything that has moisture, for example, soup, sauce and dressings. They are available in any Las Vegas Dispensary. All you have to do is ask for DIY cannabis powder like Medizin and you will be sorted out. Unlike the past, powdered cannabis does not come from cannabis flowers. They are simply cannabis oils that are designed to dissolve in liquids. Crazy, right? For long, it has been impossible to dissolve oil in water. Well, this is not the case anymore.


Researchers found out that fusing cannabinoids with starch makes cannabinoid droplets act like sugars. As we know, sugars dissolve in water. That is how powdered weed works. The great thing about powdered cannabis is that it kicks in faster than any other cannabis product. Since the cannabinoid in powdered weed is infused with carbohydrates, absorption starts in the mouth. Our saliva contains an enzyme called salivary amylase which commences the breakdown of polysaccharides, a carbohydrate property.


The fact that powdered cannabis has an almost instant effect on the user makes overdosing impossible. One can feel its effect within 20 minutes. Products infused with Medizin are easy to use. A consumer can keep their intake in check since they get high almost immediately. The risk of overdosing in other weed edibles like those infused with butter is higher. This is because they are digested in the small intestines which takes time from when they are consumed. Impatient pot users will likely overdose on weed edibles such as cookies as they would take more edibles thinking that they are not effective or strong enough.

Another advantage of powdered weed products is that cannabinoids are evenly distributed among them. The case is different with oil-based infusions. Weed products infused with oil clump, the result is that some batches will have more or less THC content than others. People love powdered cannabis because it does not have to be cooked or heated for cannabinoids to be activated. It dissolves in the mouth as soon as it is consumed leaving a creamy cacao butter taste that has a hint of cannabis. For the ultimate weed experience, try out powdered cannabis products.

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This site has taught me what marijuana can do. It has got me so fucking high. Thanks for the rolling tips, they really work!
I came across this site by mistake, lol, looking for a good brownie recipe. I LOVE THIS SITE!!! You are now my personal HERO!!!!
I absolutely adore this pot etiquette site. As a college student getting high is a regular part of life. Because of your advice I am now able to eat a brownie before class, and comprehend the material better. Thanxs for an awesome fuckin site.