Looking Into Rosin Production? Check Out PurePressure Rosin Press Machines

Friday, April 27th, 2018
rosin press

Rosin is booming across the country’s legal markets. In California, its consumer landscape is being driven by a non-flower product movement that offers consumers additional products to purchase. The same can be said in Washington and Colorado. 2016 sales data noted rosin for having the third-highest share of the concentrates market with 2.5% – making it the fastest growing subcategory of the year in the states. The same positive signs popped up in Oregon where concentrates and extract flower cannibalization made up 29% of December 2017’s yield.


In short, using a rosin press is in-demand. And guess what, it also makes sense for business. With minimal overhead and a strong ROI (more on that below), a rosin press machine can soon become the obvious answer to a company looking to expand its market potential. The market is showing a shift from prerolls and flower and towards extracts and concentrates like rosin. With demand on the rise for press machines like our Pikes Peak and Longs Peak rosin presses, now is the time to make the investment.

Why Go with a PurePressure Rosin Press Machine

Not all rosin press machines are created equal. As our friends in Canada know, finding a local option can be tough. Thankfully, PurePressure has the rosin press solution. Three of the more standout features your business should get from our rosin presses are:

Breakeven in Little to No Time

Recently, we told you why a rosin press machine makes sense for every processing facility. Today, rosin press-based products can rival the yields of small to medium-sized solvent-based extraction methods. This advancement in yield generations drastically cuts down the turnaround time to reach your breakeven. By using high quality strains, your business can generate higher, more potent yields, also dropping your breakeven time. Depending on your output, it is possible to see your few thousand dollar investment return within a few days or sooner.

Notice What a High Quality Rosin Press Can Do

We know that you can take your business anywhere. If your machine can’t live up to its price, why would you pay extra? From press one to its final run, PurePressure’s Pikes and Longs Peak rosin press machines can earn you more in shorter periods at a more consistent rate than the rest of the market.


At PurePressure, we emphasize giving customers consistent high quality rosin with an extremely high degree of reliability. Your rosin press needs to give you the same top quality yield you expect every time. In addition to the consistent quality, the investment in a high-quality rosin press like Pikes Peak and Longs Peak is shown in every yield. This should become even clearer when you get the sales figures back.

One of the Easiest Rosin Press Machines Around

In addition to consistent quality, PurePressure’s Longs and Pikes Peak rosin press machines are easy to use. From our standard safety features to the minimal learning curve to operate the press, we want the process to be as straightforward as possible for every presser.


On top of these features, the PurePressure team continues to push innovation in the rosin pressing space. Our latest game changer is the Save Recipes function. This addition gives businesses the ability to repeatedly press the recipes that they enjoy most. Now, they can cut down prep time drastically. The same can be said for getting new pressers up to speed. Instead of bogging their minds with multiple recipes, they can ease into the process by learning how to press first. Then, they can manually remember all the excellent blends that comprise your product line.

Ready to Start Pressing?

With business on the rise and more adult use marketplaces opening, rosin stands poised to be a leader in the sector. As a clean, potent source, customers love rosin. Meanwhile, producers are falling further in love with tech advancements. Today, reaching the market with a solvent-free rosin is faster than ever, and can provide you with an ROI in as little as a few days.


If you’re ready to explore rosin press machines a bit more, contact us. Our team is ready to give you all the details that’ll show you why rosin pressing could be the wisest investment your business makes in 2018.

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