Tips on Choosing Grinders for Marijuana

Monday, April 23rd, 2018

A good herb grinder is an essential tool for those who love to smoke. Believe me, it gives you a better taste, burn, smell and look that could never be achieved with your bare fingers or scissors. This is because it will chop your herb into equal sizes making it reach its highest potency and consistency. The machine will turn your beautiful buds into finer pieces thus giving you the best out of your vaporizer. If you are on the hunt for a good grinder, there is variety of features that you may need to consider.


Here is what you need to know and what to look for when shopping for a grinder:



This is how wide or large the diameter is. It all depends on your priority. If you value portability, then choose the mini or the small one. Do you want something to keep in the house for when you need it? Categorize on the medium or the large. Heavy smokers take huge amounts thus they should purchase the extra large one to manufacture plenty of herbs.


Lifetime Warranty

Many companies attach lifetime warranties to the machines for the confidence of their quality. Find out if the authorized retailer can subsequently honor the warranty coverage in full. Choose the one with this safety net as you can return it for a free replacement in case of breakages.


The Material and Shape of the Teeth

To get the perfect device, you have to find the material that it is crafted from. The most popular is aluminum. Ensure that it is the best quality before you purchase as it is not only considered safe but also lasts for a longer time. Plastic ones are not often encouraged, as there is a high possibility of contaminating the cannabis hence end up taking plastic pieces. This is why it is advisable to buy the one made of aircraft grade aluminum to give you standard services and satisfy your heart desires.

It is worthy to go for one with diamond shaped teeth that are razor sharp. This facilitates the proper preparation of cannabis as they rip and tear well as opposed to traditional ones. This makes one be sure of achieving not only smooth grinding but also consistency and uniformity. However, make sure that the teeth are at least 10; lower than that will make the machine difficult to crush leaves.


Kief Catcher

A good weed operator has four chambers. The bottom part is called ‘kief catcher’. This is where a powder-like substance (kief) is collected. This material has a higher concentration of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that when added to cannabis will enable one to achieve an extra kick. Golden gate grinder is a perfect gadget of what you would look for.



Every smoker has a different opinion on how crucial a grinder is to their smoking session, which directly correlates to how much they are willing to spend. There has been a misconception that, you need to spend huge sum of money in order to have a fully operating, highly practical and extremely durable tobacco grinder. The industry has created many high quality accessories at an affordable price point according to everybody’s budget.


In conclusion, with that appropriate information, you can rest assured that you will be able to find a grinder that fits all your qualifications. This can be in terms of; how you smoke, your wallet capacity, and the features that you are looking for an optimal experience. As long as you carefully contemplate the mentioned attributes, finding an ideal one will be very simple and straightforward thus, you will not regret it and neither will your bank account. Whether you are a new buyer or not, the selection will no longer seem confusing or daunting.

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