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What you need to know about Drug Rehabilitation?

Friday, March 16th, 2018
drug rehabilitation


Drug addiction is not the end of life and there is a way one could resolve the issue and resume normal life. This is possible through drug rehabilitation, which entails removing the harmful effects of drugs and helping the patient stay away from further abuse of drugs. Drug addiction could lead to a lot of damage to the life of an individual and that is why rehabilitation is recommended immediately signs show up. Although a challenging process, the results of a life after recovery are worth every effort.


Steps of drug addiction rehabilitation


There are few steps you will be taken through in a rehabilitation program that will allow you to heal completely and resume normal working. Although the program you are enrolled could have different principles, the structure of service is usually similar as shown below.

1. Intake

Intake is the process where you determine if a rehab center is the best fit for you. At this point you ask important questions concerning your treatment, and the rehab center will also have some questions that you will have to answer to so they are able to come up with an appropriate solution. The center will seek to know the severity of your addiction and will recommend appropriate measures that can be applied to revive your health.

2. Detoxification

Many drug addictions require some detoxification when rehabilitation begins. This stage is supposed to help clear traces of drugs from the body, and in some cases one is issued maintenance medication that helps to ease withdrawal symptoms that are connected to some drugs including heroin and opiate prescription drugs. This is a safe process that should be pursued in a supervised setting because for some individuals the detox for some people may come with severe results.

3. Rehabilitation

Once the detox stage is complete, the patient is taken to the next step, which is rehabilitation. At this stage the patient is given core reasons for their addiction and those issues are addressed. It is a cognitive behavioral therapy that helps to solve the thoughts of patients towards substance abuse and life as a whole. Its purpose is to ensure the patient reforms their thinking pattern to adopt new behavioral systems that will motivate them to keep a healthy and sober lifestyle.


Types of Treatment Programs

There are different types of treatment programs you will be put under as a patient looking to recover from drug addiction. Here are the main you need to know about.


Inpatient Treatment


With an inpatient Marijuana Addiction Treatment Program, you are removed from your ways of life and booked in a treatment facility where you will spend time 24/7 receiving care form personnel until your health stabilizes. This type of treatment is recommended to those with long-standing addictions that sometimes lead to mental problems or conditions. The treatment can be done at a hospital or a resident facility near a hospital where they deal mainly with issues of addiction.


Outpatient Programs


This is similar to inpatient programs, but the exception is that the patient is allowed to go home every night after getting treatment. It is perfect for patients with short-lived addictions and might not suit people who are having severe cases

4. Recovery

Work does not end with rehabilitation. The recovery stage is also important and is what follows in the program. You may be surprised that many patients will recover require ongoing attention to recover, so this stage is not as short as the rest. There are therapy sessions that are scheduled to help the patient maintain focus and not fall back to addiction of the same drugs they are trying to keep away from.


Recovering from drug addiction is possible if the correct rehabilitation process is embraced and the patient taken through every step until they are fully recovered. The steps above make the main stages that patients of drug abuse have to go through to ensure full recovery and to prevent a recurrence of the same abuse shortly after they are cleared from rehabilitation.

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