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Vaporizers: How to Choose The Right One for Your Needs

Friday, January 26th, 2018

Whats Important to you?

When looking at new vaporizers, there are different ways you can choose them.

One of the ways which gets advocated most by vaporizer experts, is to look for a particular type of vaporizer.

For example:

You could go for a convection vaporizer vs a conduction vaporizer, if you wanted good vapor quality.

Or you could go for a desktop vaporizer because you just want to go for the most powerful experience.

But is this really the best way to go about your search?

Well, when vaporizers were new it was, but right now it really isn’t anymore.

Because with new technology, the old rules don’t count anymore, for example:

There are conduction vaporizers which produce vapor with a great taste.

Or, there are portable vaporizers as powerful as desktop vaporizers.

The new way to decide what vaporizer you get, should be based on what you find important when vaping, then look for a vaporizer, which scores highest in the categories that you find most important.

Today you’re going to learn which different categories a vaporizer can be rated on, and what you should look out for in a vaporizer in case you find particular categories the most important.

If you quickly want to find a vaporizer that matches your style and budget, read this guide of the best vaporizers currently on the market.

Build Quality & Sturdiness of Vaporizers

If you’re the type of person which easily breaks stuff, is unhandy in general or wants his/her vaporizer to last at least a few years, you’re going to need a vaporizer with a good build quality, and better yet: has a very sturdy design.

There are definitely large differences between vaporizers in how resistant they are to drops, scratches and how long they last in general.

For example:

If you’re going for a portable vape and you know you easily drop things, don’t go for glass-based vaporizers. But if you mostly vape at home and you’re looking for a vape that will last a long time, a glass-based vaporizer is a great option, because as long as you don’t drop it, glass will never need any replacement.

But if you’re looking for the sturdiest of sturdiest vaporizers, you should be getting metal and very high-quality plastic vaporizers.

Vapor Strength

If you’re looking for huge clouds, you should get a vaporizer which is capable of producing them.

Don’t let anyone fool you:

For example, there are conduction vaporizers which create bigger and stronger clouds than the average convection vaporizer. Here you can again see that the ‘type’ of vaporizer has little to no influence on metrics that really matter for you as a user.

Generally, with portable vaporizers, hybrid vaporizers (combining conduction and convection heating), create the biggest clouds. But most of it is dependent on the strength of the heating element.

If you’re looking for big clouds, you should get a vape with a strong heating element, that’s preferably a hybrid vaporizer.

Generally speaking, desktop vaporizers are more capable of supporting a strong heating element, but there are definitely exceptions to this rule: a few portable vaporizers hit just as hard as the average desktop vaporizer.

There are ways where you can check the strength of a heating element, like see on how many watts it operates.

But the only real way to check it is to just test it, because some heating elements are much more efficient with their wattage-usage than others.

Vapor Flavor

5 years ago, if you were looking for a vaporizer with great flavor, the choice was easy:

You would get a full convection-based vape with preferably an all-glass air-path.

Today, if you get a vaporizer with these characteristics, you can be sure you will have good flavor as well.

But, in recent years, for example, there have been conduction-based vaporizers, which simply produced a great flavor as well.

The bottom line is:

If you’re looking for a vaporizer with great flavor, don’t get tunnel-vision: in this day and age, literally every type of vaporizer can produce vapor with a great flavor.

The only real way to find out is test. However generally speaking, vaporizers with an all-glass air-path will have the best flavor.

Ease of Use

The type of vaporizer has also little effect on how easy it is to use.

It all depends on how the vaporizer was designed.

A conduction vaporizer can be easier to use than a convection one, and also the other way around.

A desktop vaporizer can be easier to use than a portable, and also the other way around.

The only thing that can be said about ease of use and types of vaporizers is the following:

If you want an easy to use vaporizer, you’re best off with an electronic vaporizer with little to no draw-resistance.

Why electronic? Because butane a vaporizer can be hassle, you’ll always need your torch with you and need to control the flame.

Why no draw-resistance? Because having a large amount of draw-resistance can make it harder to get your drawing-technique right.

Also: the less buttons the easier its operation of course!


When it comes to an efficient vaporizer , What matters most is that you get a vaporizer with a small bowl.

Here’s why:

In a small bowl, the heat will get distributed properly, even with small amounts of weed.

Besides a small bowl, the type of vaporizer in terms of convection/conduction, for a change, does have some influence on the efficiency of a vaporizer.

A convection vaporizer will generally be more efficient than a conduction vaporizer. Because it won’t be heating your material unless you’re drawing, a conduction vaporizer works different. It heats up the bowl and the bowl will stay warm for a while, and thus will heat up your material even when you aren’t drawing.

So, efficiency is the only metric in which the type of vaporizer (convection vs conduction) will have quite a large influence on it.


Today you’ve learned that the type of vaporizer should have little to no influence on deciding which vaporizer you get.

You’ve learned that vaporizer technology has advanced so far, that any type of vaporizer can produce the results you want.

The new best way to choose a vaporizer, is to simply decide what categories that a vape can be rated on are most important to you,. Then look for vaporizers which score the highest on these categories!

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