Why Volcano is Known As King Of Desktop Vaporizers?

Wednesday, January 17th, 2018
volcano vaporizer

Storz & Bickel have one of, if not the strongest, reputations in the vaporizer world. Known for their medically approved, vaporizers they continue to grow from strength to strength. Since the introduction of their Volcano vaporizer in 2000, Storz & Bickel have quickly established themselves as the go to within the vaporizer market.

With products such as the Mighty and Plenty contributing to an already thriving business we are certain to see them at the forefront of everything vape for many years to come. The Volcano is the original vaporizer, the first of its kind its popularity is rampant worldwide. In this article we will dissect the reasoning behind why the the Volcano is considered a king amongst vaporizers. With numerous desktop vaporizers trying to rival the Volcano, we learn what makes the Volcano stand out and how it continues to pull ahead in the vaping world.



The Volcano has it all, it has the power, the flavor, the usability and the features which you would hope for in a vaporizer and has done so for many years. All of this is no doubt down to the design team, who knew exactly what they were trying to create before manufacture. While the balloon type vaporizer is becoming more frequently seen today this was not always the case. The volcano revolutionised vaporization and a lot of this is down to quality of the design. The balloon holds the vapor you produce ensuring minimal vapor is lost while also allowing you to see the density of your vapor, helping to determine the right temperature setting for you.



The ease of use is one of the biggest selling points for the Volcano vaporizer. Even the most inexperienced user will find the Volcano a pleasure to work with. The Volcano uses convection style of heating your materials, with a relatively large chamber and a 100 watt strength system you don’t have to wait long to enjoy your vapor. With a temperature gauge attached to the front of the unit it is very simple to choose the setting you wish to use, just twist the knob to the temperature you prefer. While what you are vaping, and its consistency, both play an integral role in the temperature setting you use, the users personal preference also plays a massive part. The introduction of the easy valve has made using the Volcano all the easier. With an easily accessible chamber and easy to use features the Volcano deserves the popularity it has accomplished and the reviews it continues to receive.



While the original model Volcano is still widely available and still widely adored its newer and more modern brother is taking the market by storm. The Volcano Digit Vaporizer is an almost lifelike double only with an LED screen and electronic temperature gauge. With the vaporizer market moving forward by the minute and with vaping continuing to gain popularity, companies like Storz & Bickel are continually trying to improve their products. The Volcano Digit introduces a digital aspect to an already well loved design without taking away any of the main traits we have all come to associate with its older brother. Although not necessarily improving vapor quality or power the Volcano digit improves usability, something which is very important to both novice and experienced tokers.


Quality Vapor

Since its release all those years ago, the Volcano’s vapor is still unrivalled. With their use of hot air convection coupled with a fascinating balloon design the flavor and dense vapor produced continues to blow us away. Storz & Bickel assure us that the material in the chamber cannot reach combustion therefore we will never have that tainted taste which we all hate so much. The flavor and all round vapor quality associated with the Volcano is world renowned and is continuing to gain popularity. Manufacturers claim the vapor produced can still be used up to 8 hours after convection ensuring no vapor is ever wasted. The strength, potency and overall flavor of the vapor produced are probably 3 of the most integral characteristics of any vaporizers quality. The balloon collects the vapor created and when disconnected can be shared among friends, a nice way of showing off the vape you will learn to love very fast.



While there are numerous Desktop Vaporizers on the market today for all kinds of prices. There are none which can rival the quality of the Volcano. Perhaps not the most cost effective model on the market, the volcano sits the premium bracket. However, while problems may occur when purchasing a lesser quality model, the Volcano or Volcano Digit are vaporizers for life. Provided they aren’t abused and provided the instructions are followed properly, you should never have to buy another vaporizer again. The overall popularity of the unit, despite its price, is a clear indication that the Volcano is worth the price tag.


Overall, with continued research and development, the folks at Storz & Bickel have produced a unit which has rightfully revolutionised the vaporizer world. Since the year of its release in 2000, it has grown continuously in both popularity and reputation. Considering the vapor it produces, the features it possesses and the all round usability of the product it would seem the rumours are right when we hear the Volcano being described as the King of the Desktop vaporizers and of Vaporizers in general.

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