Arizer Extreme Q Review

Friday, December 1st, 2017
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The Extreme Q is the desktop model by Arizer that is as versatile as it is affordable. Arizer is a Canadian based manufacturer. Arizer is known for making vaporizers that focus on the flavor, implementing aromatherapy technology to get the most out of their herbs. The Arizer Extreme Q is not the only desktop vaporizer from Arizer, but it does have a lot more. The other is the V Tower and, despite being a bit cheaper, it wasn’t as well received than the Extreme Q.

Heating and Temperature

Of course it would be criminal if a desktop vaporizer wasn’t manufactured using nothing short of 100% convection heat. The Extreme Q comes with an incredibly accurate LCD display that it uses to help control the full spectrum of temperature that it allows. The performance is great whether the temperature is high or low and you get visible vapor every time. The fan built comes with three different speed settings which control how forceful the air is. For the bag, it’s usually better to just have is on the lower settings and to leave it to fill as higher settings may fan extra air into the vapor, thinning it out. For the whip mode however, the extra settings will help lessen the draw resistance while in use.


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The design of the Arizer Extreme Q is basic but effective. It won’t blow you away, but you can at least understand the reason behind many of the design elements they’ve chosen. The base is wide to greatly reduce the likelihood that the vaporizer will topple and the cylindrical body of the vape is standard across all of Arizer’s products and also makes sense since the vaporizer is convection heated and the hot air will be travelling up anyway.

Probably to keep the cost of the vape down, the exterior of the vape is constructed entirely out of food grade plastic, but you can tell there’s a lot of

quality to that plastic and that it’s non-toxic and won’t taint the vapor. The heating element in the centre of the vaporizer is made of ceramics but is also encased in a high-quality stainless steel to keep it safe. Not just safe, but the steel reflects the heat so even though the oven is reaching your desired temperature, the exterior of the vape will remain cool. Between the steel encasement, strong plastic body and the wide base, we’re sure this vaporizer will be lasting you a very long time.

Everything about this vape has been brought to the next level over the last few years. The circuitry inside the vape is in a Solid State which makes the vaporizer a lot faster and more responsive as well as greatly reducing the chance of it breaking. With a faster heating element and better circuitry, the vape can heat up much faster while also being one-fourth as




In terms of functionality, the first thing we have to mention is that the Arizer Extreme Q is compatible with both whip and bag styles of vaporizing, which is not something all desktop vapes are able to do. Hell, not even the Volcano is able to do it. Both of these forms are very convenient and either are great additions to a party. The bags are of a near Volcano quality and the whip itself has a great reach to it.

arizer extreme qAnother stand out extra offered by the Arizer Extreme Q is the fact that it comes with a remote control. No other vaporizer does that, probably because you’d have to stay close to the vape in order to use it to begin with so why wouldn’t you just reach over and turn it on / adjust the settings anyway. Well, with the addition of the remote control on the Arizer Extreme Q, you have the ability to easily turn the vape on and set the temperature, all from the comfortability of your couch. As a great safety feature, the Arizer Extreme Q also comes with a sleep timer to cause it to auto-shut off if it stops being used, which can be accessed from the remote for early activation.


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The Vapor

The Vapor production coming off of the Extreme Q is of a damn fine quality. Excellent flavor, no doubt delivered from the aromatherapy technology that Arizer has perfected over the years. Not just delicious, but it’s consistent and dense and smooth. There may be better vapor producers out there, and for this price I’m not surprised, but for how cheap it is you really can’t complain. With an Arizer Extreme Q, you’re going to have a good time.

The Price

For what you’re getting, it’s actually ridiculous that it comes in as cheap as it is. It’s well handled, convection heat that adapts to multiple types of vaporization and has a remote control. It’s not a perfect vape and it’s not the prettiest vape, but what it is is a fantastic budget vape that does everything you’d hope a desktop vape would do and more. If you’ve got a little more money to burn, sure, take a look at some other models, but if you’re worried about your wallet, trust me, you probably won’t find a better deal than the Arizer Extreme Q.


The Arizer Extreme Q has the makings of a perfect desktop companion. It’s got a fantastic flavor to it and it’s adaptable to whatever kind of vaping mode you prefer. Be it bag or whip,  you can even turn it on or change the temperature from across a room with the remote control. All this, and at a fantastic price range too. If this isn’t for you, fine, but if you’re worried about breaking your wallet, you really couldn’t do any better. The remote really sets this vape above the rest. I might sound lazy, but it’s great knowing that, if you wanted to, you could just laze in the couch with the vape and the whip, turn it on, set it to your session temp, have a vape, then turn it off, all without getting up.

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