7 Top Hacks to Get Best Performance from Firefly 2 Vaporizer

Friday, November 10th, 2017
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So you’ve got your hands on the exquisitely crafted Firefly 2. You feel like the luckiest vaper on earth! But also you feel like you could be getting more out of this little beaut. Well, as with everything in this modern life, there are numerous Firefly 2 hacks out there. To make sure you’re always getting the best out of your vape session, we’ve outlined the top 7 hacks below!

Firefly 2 : Be Master of your Flight path

As you may already well know, our beloved Firefly 2 is a portable vaporizer. The Firefly 2 heats your material solely via convection with super-heated air. This makes it different than most other vapes out there. The best thing about the Firefly 2 is that YOU are in control!

Firefly 2 gold

Image Source: Namaste Vapes Canada

The Firefly 2 offers superb flavor for a portable vaporizer while remaining extremely efficient. Its chamber efficiently vapes as little as 0.1g of dried material. The draw itself is always smooth and never harsh. So if you choose to vape, herbs or concentrates, you can rely on the velvety vapor your Firefly 2 will produce. One of the other great aspects of the Firefly 2 is the on demand heating. The Firefly only heats up when in use so there’s no wasted herb between draws and you’re getting all the goodness.

So now that we’re all nice and cosy, let’s get down to the tips and tricks that will improve on an already golden child of a vape:

 Getting Started with the Grind

Firefly 2 grinder

First things first, let’s take a look at the herbs you’re grinding. It’s important to remember not to grind too much at once. Don’t over-grind the herb. The convection heating system in the Firefly 2 will never work well with super small ground herb.

Basically your Firefly 2 don’t want none unless it’s got buns hun, so the chunkier the better! This leaves more surface area for the the hot air to circulate around the herb. It will vaporize all the tastiness for you to enjoy. It also means the herbs will be vaporized more evenly, reducing wastage.

You can break up your herb by hand, but sometimes that method can take away from the taste. Uneven chunk size can lead to uneven vaporization. Ideally, try to get your vapor lovin’ hands on a grinder and give your herb a few spins in it.

Grinders generally provide a more even grind. It’s easier to make sure all the goodness makes it into the chamber. You’ll might notice that your hits are a bit bigger and a little more potent.

An App to Keep you “Appy”

fire fly app

The next step in making sure you’re ready for you Firely 2. Download the Firefly Vapor smartphone app. Available for free download for Android devices from the Google Play Store and for iOs from the Apple Store. This app makes the Firefly 2 wonderfully accessible to everyday vapers. It gives you complete control over you session. The Firefly Vapor app allows you to fine tune your temperature. Settings allowing for the most precise vaporization.

It also allows you to switch your Firefly 2 from dry herb to concentrate mode! Dry herb mode has a few different heat levels to choose from. You can experiment it with to find your favourite temperature.

Concentrate mode has a single temperature that is perfect for vaping concentrates. Concentrate mode is the highest temperature available. But be warned that your dry herbs may burn. This would be a terrible waste!

Ensuring Herbalicious Vaping

Here’s a few tips and tricks to make sure you’re getting the best out of you dry herbs. Load the oven with coarsely ground herbs, avoid any massive chunks. The oven on the Firefly 2 has a capacity of 0.15g but will still provide tasty vapor when two thirds full.

If the oven is too tightly packed, you won’t be able to get a good hit out of your Firefly 2. The hot air you’re pulling in and around the herbs won’t have enough room to circulate. It wont be vaporizing as effectively as with a less packed oven.

Admittedly there is a small learning curve with this process of packing the oven. But it’s just like riding a bike – once you know, you know! If you find you losing power in your hit, try stirring the contents of the oven. You can also empting them onto the lid of the Firefly 2. After scrape back into the oven so that they are “upside down”.

It’s important to make sure that the glass vapor path on your Firefly 2 is free of any gunk or debris. This could affect the taste of your vapor. Also, make sure the magnetic lid is fully sealed onto the body of the vaporizer lest vapor could escape!

Concentrate on This

The trick to vaporizing concentrates is not to overload the pads. Instead, experiment first with smaller doses (around the size of a sesame seed) so you can start to understand each other. This will help with keeping your Firefly 2 clean, because concentrate gunk is the gunkiest, and also prevent you from suffering any super strong hits. Remember, concentrates are exactly what they say on the tin – concentrated! As nice and tasty as any vapor is, too much will still sicken you, and the last thing we want is you going off your favourite flavours. Concentrates can also take a little longer to heat up so experiment with cigar-style puffs until you see and/or taste vapor and then try a deep inhale to get the process started.

Keep it clean

Cleaning you Firefly is like cleaning your room – you should do it often! But don’t worry, it’s a much more pleasurable task and you won’t find any mystery socks lurking in there (Well, you shouldn’t anyway). When your vape required cleaning will, of course depend on usage and build up of gunk, but if you can keep you Firefly 2 vaporizer sparkly and clog-free, your vapor will always be pure and tasty so it’s totally worth doing it fairly often.

It’s generally a very straightforward job and much easier if you do it immediately after a session, when the stainless steel and the window on the cover are still warm. Just take a paper towel or handkerchief and wiping away gunk or residue that tends to build up on the window and the area around the oven. If you wait for the Firefly 2 to cool down, you’ll need a little bit of alcohol to help wipe all the gunk out. If for no other reason, remember you need to clean your vape because damage caused by neglect of cleaning will void the warranty!

Hit Me Like That Snare. More, More More

When trying to maximise your hit, it’s best to start with the simple things so make sure that the lid of the Firefly 2 is on tight and the the mouthpiece has been inserted correctly – you will hear/feel a click.

Another hack for getting bigger puffs on the go is placing a concentrate pad, included as an accessory in the box, on top of the herb in the oven chamber. The idea behind this is that the metal pad acts as a conductor for the heat passing through the chamber effectively adding conduction heat to the vaporization process. This works to a certain extent, but be careful when you approach higher temperatures as the pad may burn your herb and taint the vapor’s otherwise delicious taste.

Tackling a Slow Starter

girl using fire fly


As an on-demand vaporizer, the Firefly 2 will only heat up when you take a draw from it. This means there isn’t a lot of heat built up during the early puffs of your session, but we can help you with that too. In order to get the fuller hit first time, you need to get the vaporization started before you take a big draw.

A few sips of the mouthpiece is enough to get the air to heat up. Once heated it will flow through the oven chamber in and around the herb. Once you notice you Firefly 2 start to produce a little bit of vapor, that’s your cue to take a long 7-10 seconds draw.

If you take a long, steady enough draw, the Firefly 2 will give a little whistle and that’s your sign the your vape is ready to go. Other than that, you can try yelling Jiminy Cricket, but I don’t know what kind of vape expert he is! And always let your vapor be you guide!

And there you have it , our best tips, tricks, hacks and general advice for getting the most out of your Firefly 2. With it’s compatibility with herbs and concentrates and supreme functionality it truly is much, much more than a pretty face!

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