CBD E Liquid Checklist: A Newcomers Guide to Finding The Right CBD E Liquid

Tuesday, October 10th, 2017
CBD E Liquid

CBD E Liquid Checklist

The consumer audience still has so many questions about CBD. While there is a growing demand, both for information and product, it still seems like most people are uninformed when it comes to the topic. CBD E Liquid has become a popular CBD product with two industries – Vaping and CBD – that many people have a less than perfect understanding of. The intention of this article is to help consumers make smart buying decisions when buying their next CBD E Liquid.

CBD First

While there are many ingredients in different E Liquids, any consumer looking to purchase CBD E liquid should first and foremost be concerned with the quality of CBD. Here are a few of the things you should be looking for.


Sure, many different companies offer “real CBD” in their products. What you should be asking is, how did the CBD get to my hand? This due diligence isn’t any different than knowing how food products are being made. Knowing whether the Hemp was raised in a clean environment without contaminants is like knowing whether your food was grown organically. Our recommendation is to research the company to identify their sourcing protocol. Most “clean” Hemp is going to come from European farms or from research facilities within the United States. If a company isn’t clear about their sourcing, it may be time to move on.


While CBD is natural to Hemp, it needs to be extracted to be isolated and placed into products. There is more than one way to do this, but the consensus best method is something called CO2 Extraction.

CBD Extraction

In CO2 Extraction, Carbon Dioxide goes through a series of temperature and consistency changes to achieve a “supercritical state.” In this supercritical state, CO2 has both liquid and gaseous properties, and is a perfect consistency to extract CBD from Hemp. The CO2 is pushed through a circuit (like in the image above) and collects the CBD from the Hemp. Because this process involves professional equipment, it weeds out lower quality producers.

Putting the CBD in E Liquid

Because of the large scale popularity that CBD now has, companies have been finding new ways for consumer to get their doses. One of these is creating E Liquids that enriched with CBD. The theory is, vaping CBD will allow a more immediate onset of CBD-positive effects. With this development, consumers need to make sure that not only the CBD but the other ingredients are of high quality.


Fundamental to an understanding of liquids is VG and PG, or Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene Glycol. VG and PG are both safe, non-toxic bases that help contain the flavors in your e liquid. They are both considered safe by the FDA and are commonly used in food products.


PG is the more popular of the two bases, with a unique profile that sets it apart from VG. Generally speaking, you can expect PG to have:


  • A Thin Consistency – PG is thinner than VG and produces thinner clouds
  • Greater Throat Hit – it will feel heavier as you inhale it
  • Taste – has a more intense flavor than VG

CBD E Liquid PG vs VG


VG is the other base used in E Liquids. You can expect VG to have:


  • A thicker consistency with a denser vapor
  • A naturally sweet taste
  • A lighter throat hit


With VG and PG, it’s more of a personal preference than anything else. Both products are safe to consumer, along with CBD. Keep in mind the vaping experience you want – do you want to blow thick clouds or leave little residue? Knowing the properties of both bases as well as an idea of your desired vaping experience will help you choose between VG and PG.


Many E Liquids contain nicotine in them, hence the reason why smokers turn to vaping as a way to wean off cigarettes. If an E Liquid does carry nicotine in it, it should be at least 99% pure and naturally extracted from tobacco. Low quality nicotine is known to cause bodily harm.


If you are a non-smoker, then you are going to want to find an E Liquid without nicotine in it. Non-nicotine E Liquids will typically clear visually and go down very easily, without a choking feeling or burn.


There are many reasons people vape, but among them surely is the aesthetic enjoyment. By that, we don’t necessarily mean that you look cool doing it (though that too). We mean, for the sensations of vaping – the flavor, smell, and feeling of the E Liquid.


A well-made E Liquid should taste like the thing it is intended to taste like. If you notice the flavor is “off,” it could because of an unbalanced composition. Remember that old saying? If an E Liquid tastes like shit, it’s probably a shit E liquid.


Whether based with VG or PG, without the flavoring, an E Liquid should have a mild to unnoticeable smell. This means, the only thing creating an aroma are the flavors themselves. If your E Liquid doesn’t smell like its flavoring, that’s a bad sign.

Going Down Easy

The last part of the “aesthetic experience” is how easy the E Liquid pulls. Aside from the differences between PG and VG, a user should expect a rather seamless experience from start to finish. A chunky, uneven vaping experience isn’t fun for anyone, regardless of other aesthetic considerations.

An Informed Purchase

CBD E Liquids could become one of the principle ways consumers get CBD. Their casual and fast-working nature means E Liquids are an attractive option for buyers. It is important, that these buyers become informed decision makers rather than victims of marketing campaigns. We hope to have equipped you with some sort of blueprint for your next CBD E Liquid purchase.


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