VaporFi Air 2: First Time Vaper’s Dream

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

If you’re anything like me, you’re right on the cusp of being an actual “grown-up” and a bonafide millennial–I’m the last to catch onto the latest bangers of the season, reality tv shows come and go faster than I can catch up to my HBO Go watch list, and I’m definitely late to the viral popularity of vaping culture, yet not so sure if I should follow the trend. Naturally, when given the option to check out the VaporFi Air 2, I jumped at it. Slim and discreet, so I can keep up my facade of “too cool to be a vape kid”, I must say that I am really enjoying the ease of use and the cosmopolitan aesthetic that allows me to easily conceal my new favorite guilty pleasure.

First Time Vaper; Long Time Fan

The VaporFi Air 2 vape pen wins a cool 5-stars for being easy to get started with. I got the startup kit and it came with a very easy-to-understand Quick Start-up guide to point out all the components and where they go. These vape units tend to be some pretty complex devices, and there’s definitely a level of apprehension that comes with making a mistake and ruining the parts your very first time. This particular model came with minimal parts to assemble and instructions concise enough to hold even the shortest of Buzzfeed-fed, twenty-something attention spans. Kudos there. The starter kit included everything I needed, to include the unit, mouthpiece, and two 1.1 ohm oil atomizers. It would be nice for the pack to come with some trial size vape juice to get started; that could have   Double kudos to the unit coming packaged with a fully charged battery; that made the anticipation of trying my vape for the first time easy; unlike other dry herb vaporizers I didn’t have to wait, like back in the days of having to charge a new cell phone or iPod a full three hours before the fun begins.

Coolest vape in the club; and it probably costs way less than yours!

Vaporfi Air 2

My single favorite thing about the VaporFi Air 2 is hands down its sleek aesthetic design and portability. Aside from its ease of assembly and changing out oil/e-liquid, I love how stylish and portable the unit is. The size and appearance are the perfect match for the skinny-jean loving fashionista like myself, and the tiny designer clutch-carrying diva alike. Unlike the typical box units that tend to appear garish and unsightly, and take up more space than desired, the Air 2 model is a perfect fit for my jeans’ fifth pocket–easily its best attribute.

Not to mention, I’ve received nothing but compliments and requests to “hit your new pen” since hitting the office and streets with it. And at a fraction of the cost of comparable pens on the market, it makes even a newbie vaper like me wonder what “the other guys” are doing. I’m not an avid smoker, (though I have been in the past) but one minor disappointment to the user experience is that I don’t necessarily feel the volume of vapor on the draw versus how much comes out of the exhale. So I don’t typically feel how much I’m taking in. I tend to feel more the effects of the CBD oil (I prefer the Blue Moon Hemp Half Moon) over the few nicotine variations I tested out. After refilling the tank several times, I would say I found my “sweet spot” of mixing 3 to 1 CBD oil to 30mg nicotine juice gave me a solid and manageable ease of mood and relaxation. Solid balance through and through.

The battery lasts for only a handful of hours throughout the day, though this is effortlessly compensated for by its recharge time of only 5-10 minutes. I imagine as the newness and allure of the pen wear off, this battery time could extend a full work day on one charge with light to moderate vaping. So as an occasional unit for the light “vaper” or a convenient backup to the most seasoned of fans, I give the VaporFi Air 2 a solid 8/10. Though the first vape of my own (as I’ve briefly tested a few friends’ models), I imagine this will remain my vape of choice at least for the time being.

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