Medical Marijuana Vaporizers

Sunday, July 9th, 2017

The first proper Medical Marijuana Vaporizers are here

Medical marijuana vaporizers are finally on the scene! Made to assist patients who need cannabis for medicinal reasons, they are ideal for people who are unable to swallow or smoke. The ability to reach specific high heats are necessary for helping release the right cannabinoids and the ability to reach specific bands of heat within the oven chamber are vital for these types of consumers, and that’s where Vapormed come in. Creating a line of medically appropriate vaporizers with the best parts and people’s health in mind, these are the best vaporizers for getting the best active ingredients in cannabis into your body without the negative chemicals that come with combustion.

Storz & Bickel are a long established company, who moved towards vaporizers in the late 90s. With the debut of their premier vaporizer, the Volcano, they skyrocketed onto the vaping scene and have never looked back. The Volcano revolutionized how vaporizers were created, bringing air push technology into the mix. On the back of over a decade of success, they released the first proper medical marijuana vaporizer in 2010: the Volcano Medic.

Volcano Medic

The Volcano Medic is in great company alongside the Volcano Digit and Classic, two devices which still maintain top spots on many vaporizer wish lists despite being out for many years.Those originally sold in the early 2000s are known to still be working, guaranteeing the sturdiness and strength of these devices even with daily use! Near identical in appearance to the original Volcanoes, the Medic version works almost exactly the same. Changing the game is the new ability to use cannabinoids dissolved in alcohol as well as dried ground herb, giving patients different options to choose from. Like with the other devices, the Volcano is used primarily by attaching balloons to the air pump with a valve. The vapor is then pushed into the balloon, inflating it with THC heavily vapor ready to be inhaled and enjoyed. Simply place pressure on the valve to release the vapor and experience top quality materials at work. The reason the Volcano is so useful as a medical vaporizer is the air pump. For people with limited ability to draw vapor, this is a handy alternative, the balloons are simple to use and require almost no practice to use!

Mighty Medic

The Mighty Medic followed suit, being created after the release of the Crafty and the original Mighty. The Volcano Medic was doing well but there was an issue; you can’t casually carry around a desktop vaporizer! Inspired by their recent releases, they reworked and redesigned the Mighty to be medically acceptable and put together using medical grade components like the Volcano before it. It’s easily used by way of a LED display that tells you everything you need to know. Convection energy is what makes the Mighty Medic magic, pushing hot air past the herb along the internal path and a cooling component just before the mouthpiece. This helps cool the vapor, making it minimally harsh on your throat or lungs like combustion would. The Mighty Medic can fit in your pocket like a phone, making it the perfect portable medical marijuana vaporizer. Simply pop it in and you’re ready to go! Between it and the Volcano Medic you’ll minimize all issues that are associated with combustion tech, moving away from dangerous irritants and toxins thanks to safe and carefully assembled vaporization techniques.


Combustion was the only option for a very long time, and despite improvements with things like filtration in bongs the dangerous negatives still heavily outweigh the minimal benefits. The irritation brought on by smoking joints or blunts that hits everywhere from your mouth to your lungs, and back again, can inhibit your ability to breathe and even leading to issues like chronic bronchitis. From personal experience, I can promise bronchitis is no fun at all! Heating cannabis at a lower temperature helps release all those handy cannabinoids and chemicals, compared to burning bud which is mostly made up of carcinogens due to an inability to control the temperature. This is another way where vaporization wins, you can choose set heats with precision on the display of both vapes! You can also throw in aromatherapy herbs to mix up the flavor or further health benefits, like chamomile before bed or mint to help settle an upset tummy.

Overall medical grade vaporizers are the future. Created with only the best and safest materials, they are exclusively made with people’s health in mind. Approved by numerous health bodies, with a prescription medical marijuana vaporizers can be claimed from a wide array of insurance providers. They have almost no learning curve, a number of youtube guides are available online to show how to set up and use the original Volcano and Mighty if needs be. Hopefully, these are just the start of a large selection of medical marijuana vaporizers in the vaping market and the world!

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