Bud Business Booming in Alberta

Wednesday, July 20th, 2016
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How Medical Marijuana is Bringing Relief to a Struggling Economy

Canada is waking up to a booming medical marijuana industry (bud business) which is managing to generate extra tax revenues and offer job creation opportunities.

Taking a look at where things are at with medical marijuana in Canada at the moment, it is clear that Alberta is providing an insight into the potential benefits attached to the legalization of cannabis production for medical purposes.

Satisfying a Growing Demand

Alberta has really enjoyed much in the way of good news in recent times when it comes to how their economy is faring, with consumer debt levels soaring and the oil and gas industry struggling to lift the mood, it is in need of a bit of a boost.

Although it might be an unlikely source of good economic news, Alberta’s only industrial-scale grower of medical marijuana is enjoying a sustained period of growth as it expands its business in order to meet a growing demand.

In a relatively short space of time since licenses and official laboratory tests were completed, Aurora have not looked back since they got their sales license from Health Canada, and are now challenging Ontario for the top slot of having the most monthly shipments to registered patients.

Modern Outlook

The fact that Aurora, who are the licensed designated supplier of medical marijuana in Alberta, are increasing their customer base at such a healthy rate, tends to suggest that there is a definite shift in acceptance and tolerance of cannabis.

It is perhaps not surprising to witness such a fundamental change in attitudes towards the production and use of cannabis for medical purposes in particular, when you see the level of investment in production facilities and technology in order to meet demand for the product.

If you get the opportunity to witness the 55,000 square-foot production facility that has been created by Aurora at a cost of $12 million, you very quickly appreciate that any backstreet image of cannabis production is a view that is firmly set in the past.

Quality Control is the Key

The government are understandably involved in monitoring the cultivation, production and distribution process in order to ensure that Aurora is operating strictly within the terms of the licence that it was granted, and this hi-tech facility is more than capable of complying.

The purpose-built facility is managing to cultivate an impressive number of plants, up to 50,000 at any one time, producing 14 different strains of medical marijuana which all manage to maintain a high degree of consistency, thanks to strict quality control measures.

You could easily be forgiven for thinking that you had just walked into a medical laboratory when you visit the production site that encompasses over 170 acres of land, in a site just to the north of Calgary.

As well as investing in the physical site itself, Aurora has invested in using the latest technology available, which gives it the ability to ensure optimal growing conditions and a level of quality and consistency that you would hope for and expect to see.

If the demand for medical marijuana continues to grow and other firms like Aurora also invest in the industry, Alberta’s economy and jobs market could be enjoying a welcome boost.

Hazel Floyd is a student who has a passion for journalism and travel and hopes to combine the two when she graduates. When she’s not studying or writing articles she enjoys painting, yoga and hiking.

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