Travelling with CBD

Tuesday, June 21st, 2016


If you are a patient in need, or just a recreational user, you might find travelling difficult. Depending on what sort of needs you have other components of cannabis, derived from non-cannabis sources might be a great alternative. What those sources are, and where you can go with them, are down below.

CBD: Hemp or Marijuana?

There are a variety of marijuana components, in fact, over 480 of them: THC, CBD, THCV, CBC, CBL etc. etc. etc. The big ones we look at for feeling awesome are THC and CBD. THC is the psychoactive ingredient that we all know and love in marijuana. CBD is the second most common cannabinoid, and can help with a ton of medical issues.

CBD is legal when derived from hemp, and  offers a variety of benefits like reduced nausea, stress, and inflammation. If travelling to a state where marijuana is not legal, it can be one of the best replacements. If derived from hemp, it is legal in all 50 states, but can contain more waste. It takes more hemp to draw out CBD, and since hemp acts as a bioaccumulator, it could contain more soil toxins.

If you want to stick with marijuana derived CBD, which is more tightly regulated in America, consider where you can take it in your state, and that taking it over state lines from one state where it is legal, to another, where it is also legal, is technically illegal. CBD derived from marijuana offers the safety of being tightly regulated. Just like dietary supplements may not contain the supplement they are selling, and eye makeup could potentially blind you with fall-out, hemp derived CBD is not under the same strict legal requirements of marijuana derived CBD or even aspirin.

Travelling with CBD

The Places you can take CBD are endless (if it’s the hemp-derived variety). You can take it to all fifty states and to most international countries. There are very few places that you can’t take it; of course always research the rules of any country before you take dietary aides with you.

CBD that is derived from marijuana requires more careful travelling. It is available in a wide variety of states, with medical marijuana available in over 24 states, and CBD oil derived from marijuana legal in only 16. You might have some trouble travelling with marijuana derived CBD or even finding it in your state.

You can’t even travel to certain parts of your green-friendly state.If you got your CBD oil outside of Yellowstone down in Wyoming, then you couldn’t travel through Yellowstone (which is federal land) but you could eat some lovely snacks in Colorado, use CBD oil as a place-holder through Wyoming, and meet with a doctor in Montana get back on medical marijuana (which contains a huge amount of benefits beyond CBD). If you really want to see the parks, you could stay in border-towns like Whitefish outside of Glacier, or Jackson Hole outside of Yellowstone. Seriously, stay out of federal land, and away from state lines with marijuana.

Why Try Alternatives?

It’s terrible to be stuck at home just because your medication isn’t available in the places you want or need to go. While there may be nothing that offers the same therapeutic powers of green butter in a brownie, there might be some good alternatives to explore if you want to leave the state or country. As tempting as it might seem to just disappear with chronic in a prescription bottle, tucked into a set of socks, in the trunk of your car (and it’s technically illegal for a cop for make you wait for a drug dog) it’s not worth it. The size of the book that could get thrown at you make it worthwhile to look at alternatives.

Whether you’re interested in the highly regulated marijuana derived CBD as a means of safely travelling between green states, or just want to try the potential benefits of hemp derived CBD as an alternative, be sure you know the laws of the states that you are heading through. There are a plethora of doctors willing to help.

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