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Tuesday, June 21st, 2016
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As dabbing concentrates takes over the smoking community, a prevalent question is usually “Which nail is best for me?” As you take your dabbing journey, it’s essential to find tools that are safest, most efficient, and definitely trustworthy.

Don’t be deceived by other poser metals, titanium nails, or “TI” nails, are superior nails for dabbing. Other types of metallic materials can leech and cause harmful fumes. Use titanium and know the source of who you are buying your nail from. Chinese titanium and other various aerospace grade titanium contain a lot of filler. All filler no killer usually leads to gross tastes, premature oxidization, and other knock off problems. Buying from unknown merchants online can become problematic if you are trying to stay titanium pure. Medical grade 2 titanium is what you are looking for.

Aside from being virtually unbreakable, TI-nails are champions of the dab nail game with good reason. Taking only 15-25 seconds to heat up completely these nails take the heat fast, then retain warmth for longer than nails of other materials. This quick fix timing structure allows you more time to enjoy your session. These little stunners are basically indestructible, as they are medical grade metal that you can drop and lightly mistreat with zero worry. There is no feeling worse than breaking or cracking a component of your dab rig right before trying to enjoy it.

These consummate pieces are not without minimal upkeep and simple maintenance. Titanium oxidation occurs when your nail has been heated repeatedly and starts to show white flaking. This is easy as pie to remedy, so don’t fret! There are two methods to getting your TI-nail squeaky shiny again. You can torch the nail when you have minimal oxidation, causing the white fluff to simply burn off. For more stubborn oxidation, heat your nail then dip it in room temperature water with tongs. The uninvited crust layer should slide right off.

Which nail will you pick?

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