The Stoner Puzzle Stash Activity Book

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016

Product: The Stoner Puzzle Stash Activity Book

Provided by: Workman Publishing

Rating: Good! 4 out of 5 leaves



From the Manufacturer

You’re high—now what? Announcing the perfect companion of puzzles and games for anyone who enjoys getting baked now and then.

There are word searches, including Munchie-Mania (Dude, can you find nachos, Steakumms, cake icing, Doritos?). Mazes, like the Customs Quagmire—can you pilot a van made out of marijuana from Mexico to San Francisco? Fill-in-the-Pictures: Oh no! Cheech just singed off his mustache! Can you draw it back on? Plus the super-simple, super-amusing activity Trace Your Face: Tilt forward from the couch until your face rests in the empty pizza box on the coffee table. Pick up a pencil and, holding the pointy side down, trace your face. This activity is not timed.


“Blaise Kushman is the voice of a generation.” –Norman Mailer (in conversation with his dry cleaner)

“A sweeping epic, a tour de force, a soupe du jour. The Stoner Puzzle Stash is as moving a stoner puzzle stash as I’ve ever read.” –Hannah Arendt

You’re high. Now what?

At long last, a puzzle and activity book for the nicely toasted. Here is a groundbreaking collection of word puzzles, doodle prompts, coloring pages, and more from the ergonomic standing desk of renowned puzzlesmith Dr. Blaise Kushman. Build-a-Bong. Celebrity Bud Dopplegangers. What’s-Wrong-with-This-Picture Pictures. Crosswords. Connect-the-Dots. Mazes. Match the Pairs. And Visual Puzzles, like Where’s Narco?—can you find “the man” in the crowd at Couchella Music Festival?

There are even activities for those who might have forgotten how to read, like Trace Your Face—tilt forward from the futon until your face lands on the book. Pick up a pencil and, holding the pointy side down, trace your face. This activity is not timed.


Dr. Blaise Kushman is a doctor. He lives in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, with his loving family and two Chow Chows from his wife’s first marriage.


BUD SAYS: The Stoner Puzzle Stash activity book is a really fun stoner-themed book filled with activities like mazes, word searches, word scrambles, paper dolls and much more. It’s a great find for $12.95. Most interestingly, I saw that it is for sale at What???

Toke to ya soon,

Bud S. Moker, Th.C.

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