Hawaiian Regulations for Medical Marijuana

Thursday, February 18th, 2016


flagThose who are against the legalization of marijuana, either for medical or personal use, seem to be of the opinion that legalizing the drug will lead to mayhem. One of the biggest concerns they have is that once the law has been passed, state governments will simply step back and allow anyone with a space in their garden to start growing and selling marijuana. If anyone really wants to see what types of rules and regulations are in place for those looking to operate a marijuana dispensary, all they need to look at is what happened in Hawaii around the holiday season.

With the legalization of medical marijuana in Hawaii, the state started taking applications from individuals and groups looking to open dispensaries in the state. The next step was to come up with a list of rules and regulations that had to be strictly adhered to if a license to operate was to be granted by the state. Just before Christmas, those rules were released, and they clearly show just how seriously Hawaii is taking the business of marijuana. The list of regulations is long, and is clearly design to, pardon the pun, weed out anyone looking to sell marijuana in a manner that does not suit the state.

Put it this way, can you think of any other business that is not allowed to advertise, but instead is expected to get the word out by educating the community? That is what dispensary owners are going to have to do if they want to operate in Hawaii. They will also be forbidden from selling the vape pen, which is fast becoming the way to “smoke” marijuana, or rolled joints. This rule however does not state that the portable vaporizers won’t be allowed for sale, just anything imitating an electronic cigarette. Portable Hookahs will be expanding their reach within Hawaii and promote use of the marijuana vaporizer unless it becomes prohibited. Financials and inventory will be very tightly controlled, and there are even rules on the books that will restrict who the dispensaries can actually employ at their facilities.

Another one of the more prominent rules concerns the growing of marijuana, and It clearly states that pesticides should not be used. The products sold in the dispensaries Hawaiian-Regulationsshould also not be marked as being organic, as the feeling is that this is something of a misrepresentation. The use of pesticides is something that has already been addressed in Colorado, as a number of cannabis oil products have been recalled in recent weeks due to the fact that pesticides were used on the marijuana plants cultivated to makes said oils. This is yet another sign that with legislation comes stricter control of the industry.

The rules and regulations that we have mentioned here are really only beginning to scratch the surface of what will be required of dispensary owners. This is a business that certainly has the potential to be incredibly lucrative for everyone involved, but it’s also one where Big Brother is watching and waiting to shut you down the moment that you step outside of the boundaries that have been set. For those of us that love to load our vape pens with marijuana, this is good news, as it clearly shows the doubters that marijuana can be a legitimate business that is strictly run.


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