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Ankomn Savior Vacuum Sealer

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015

Product: Savior – The World’s most powerful non-electrical Vacuum sealer (1.5 qt)

Provided by: http://ankomn.com/


Stoner Score: 5 out of 5 pot leaves!


From the Manufacturer

Ankomn is proud to introduce the world’s most powerful vacuum sealer ever made for a non-electrical storage device. Our patented technology increases the shelf life of foods dramatically and suits a multitude of uses where a strong vacuum seal is required.

The Savior vacuum storage device will introduce an enhanced and healthier lifestyle to you household by keeping food fresh longer and reducing expense and waste. Savior is also great for outdoor activities such as camping, hunting and fishing. With storing and cleaning made easy, we believe The Ankomn Savior is a must have for a modern kitchen and lifestyle.


– Greatly extends the shelf life of foods.

– Effectively marinates meats and vegetables by penetrating deeply via the vacuum pressure.

– Meal planning and preparation made easy.

– Vigorously tested. Durability guaranteed.

– Gasket rubber seal can be easily removed for cleaning.

– Made with BPA free food-grade plastic.


The Ankomn Savior Vacuum Sealer is a great product for larger quantities of cannabis. In photos 3 and 4 (pictured above) there are around 9 grams of cannabis. So, you can imagine just how much the Savior Vacuum Sealer will hold.

I believe this device would be perfect for:

– Medical marijuana patients who buy in bulk (often due to travel restraints).

– Marijuana dispensaries who carry multiple strains in large quantities.

– The recreational cannabis user to buys large quantities, but holds their stash for long periods of time.


BUD SAYS: Buy the 1.5 qt Savior (pictured) today for $69.99


Toke to ya soon,

Bud S. Moker, Th.C.


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