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Wednesday, August 12th, 2015


By Anthony Franciosi


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Edibles have been around for years and are being refined to higher art forms by internet sensations like Jeffthe420chef and Canadian pinup Mary Jean Dunsdon. Much of the buzz around cannabis and food, circles around the field of consumables that sometimes remove any of the natural flavour of cannabis.

Fortunately, for all those connoisseurs who still enjoy traditional methods of dosing, companies like Colorado’s Cultivating Spirits are changing the game and sending a strong message to competitors that gourmet dishes and high-quality strains are a match that’s here to stay.

So for all those kitchen cowboys with grater in one hand and spliff in the other. Here are 10 cannabis and food pairings that might send you out to the market on a mission to satisfy your palates.


For those of you in need of a quick recap of the differences, cannabis sativa tends to provide a more head high, leaving the body with energy and creativity. It’s optimal for daytime consumption, leaving you with plenty of social ability and creativity to create the perfect recipe to compliment it. Consuming sativa stimulates your hunger as well, making the following combinations an unforgettable experience.

1. Grapefruit with Niçoise Salad and Sauvignon Blanc


An aptly named strain, Grapefruit is strong in citrus notes which can overpower food that is similar in flavour profile. To get the best results the heavy but sophisticated Nicoise Salad washed down with a clean Sauvignon Blanc showcases the sharpness of Grapefruit with the base textures of black olives and seared or fresh tuna.

2. Voodoo with Kulfi

 A sativa strain not to be messed with, Voodoo has Thai roots and is as spicy as the curry on Khao San road, Bangkok’s biggest party street. The peppery smoke is best taken by glass water bong so it is easy to appreciate the earth-moss flavour. Paired with Kulfi’s cold and creamy texture, cardamom and pistachio accent the smokey flavour while cooling with a nutty mint finish, making it a wonderful combination.

3. Sour Diesel with Chopped Cheese

 A crowd favorite among medicinal users for its sustained pain relieving ability, Sour Diesel sends light to medium Diesel aromas upon first smell. So when it activates those hunger pangs satisfy with the Harlem classic chopped cheese.

Head to your local bodega and grab this sandwich with two hands, and if it’s made right, you should have a pile of crumpled napkins next to you. The long-lasting mellow clarity matches well with the crevices of cheese and substantial texture of the grilled beef. After a night out in the lower east side, this pairing may bring you back to life.

4. Strawberry Cough with Warm Brie

Strawberry cough is the perfect combination if you’re feeling the winter blues. Your choice of an aged Brie or fresh Camembert may depend on your how pungent you like your cheese. But make no mistake this well known haze strain is a champion for socializing and can be a surefire winner to start your winter holiday season or any small kitchen gathering.



While sativa strains are perfect for daytime usage, indica is better suited for evening, as it tends to leave its users feeling relaxed and sleepy. Indica strains enhance your body’s sense of smell, touch, and taste, making it a win-win situation, especially with the following pairings.

Pro tip: It may be wise to prepare the following foods before consumption, since indica is known to give its users more of a body high.

5. Vanilla Kush with Plum Compote over Greek Yoghurt

 A high THC content in this Indica makes this pairing better for an end-of-night dessert than a revitalizing morning snack. The mixture of sweet and tangy from preserved plums over the bite of a fresh Greek yoghurt is delicately accented by the pronounced Vanilla aromas of this Afghan Kush offspring. Plus, for a dessert so delicious, it’s relatively health.

Pro Tip: Add earthy walnuts for an extra boost of protein.

6. Super Skunk with Jackfruit Tacos and Bohemia Pilsner

A powerful taste for a powerful high, the unripe flesh of this southeast asian fruit makes a perfect meat substitute. Wait a little longer and the fruit develops a stronger, sweeter taste that matches well in a spicy fusion cuisine.

The pairing together is not for the feint of heart, or nose, so pair with a crisp south of the border pilsener from Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma brewery like Bohemia, to cut through the flavour. Then, repeat, as it’ll leave you wanting more.

7. Gigabud with Baklava

The dense, richly crystal-laden offspring of G13 is not a great way to start your day. After a pounding day of e-mails and way too much time in front of the computer, this pairing is sure to let you blow off some steam from your day.

Gigabud, with its subtle and smooth smoke, is a compliment to Baklava’s nutty and sweet exterior. The honeyed-apricot flavor of this indica enhances the richness of Baklava’s layers. Just make sure you keep an extra piece, as this bud increases appetite. If your going to binge on delicious desserts, this pairing will ensure that you do it right.



8. Connie Chung with Kombucha

An interesting pairing for a sunday afternoon, Connie Chung has strong hints of woodlands and lavender. Break out your favourite kombucha, (tamarind and galangal anyone?) take a shot, and you’ll immediately notice the typical soapy taste of lavender disappear into the acrid high potency taste of the kombucha at hand.

Inside on a rainy day? Try warming the Kombucha for a super relaxing pairing with this hybrid. Then sit back, and enjoy.

9. Chernobyl with Pandan Pancakes with Organic Honey

This easy-to-make Malaysian dish is the perfect breakfast companion to the legendary Chernobyl hybrid. The density of the pancake is the key, as it is very different than the fluffy American style most are used to.

This is a real day starter with a high energy boost that pairs well with the fresh lime and citrus aroma of the bud. Perfect for a day of surfing, hiking, or hitting the slopes as the hit of glucose will keep you going.

10. Afwreck with Lamb Daube

If you’re feeling quite provincial and you have more than a couple hours on hand to cook, Afwreck will have you licking the spatula before you finish this classic French dish. The minty zest of Afwreck is not subtle and demands some intense flavour to match. The heady highs are perfect for this low and slow meal as you can come back and taste every so often until you can’t wait any longer.

The large amount of red wine and minced fresh garlic interplay well with the hybrid of Afghan and Trainwreck.

Pro Tip: An after dinner Pastis and a vaporizer of Afwreck make for a refreshing finish.



So, despite what Austin Powers may suggest, you can do much better than a “smoke and a pancake” or a “bong and a blintz”.

In fact, now you know exactly how to combine two of life’s greatest pleasures, marijuana and food, in style.

Bio: Anthony Franciosi is the Founder of, an organic marijuana growery based on Colorado.


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