The Exploding Industry of Concentrates

Wednesday, July 8th, 2015


cannabis concentrates


Wax, Sugar, Bho, CO2, Honey, Oil, Concentrates. No matter what you want to call it, concentrates made from sugar trim and bud is almost a completely different experience to smoking the herb. Smokers are always looking for ways to get higher, and the recent explosion of the concentrate industry can be contributed to smokers who are looking for a heavier high than any flower could provide. Regardless of why, the industry is thriving and concentrate technology has improved tenfold. There are now a plethora of different ways to smoke concentrates. They have  made a way to smoke wax for every scenario imaginable from discretion to home relaxing.


  1. wax snake on a joint: This is one the simplest ways to smoke your wax, just roll a joint like normal, but take some wax and roll it like a snake and put it inside or wrap it around the outside of the joint.

  1. flower dab: This is where you just pack a bowl and add some wax on top, effective as well. A tip for this is to put some wax on a paper clip, and add a little heat, it should drip right off and be absorbed the the weed, making it a little more efficient.

  1. oil rig: Smoking from an oil rig needs an attachment, which can either be a nail, skillet, or a gas pump. Using an oil rig is probably one of the most efficient ways to get high, and it basically looks like a bong but with a male piece instead of a female piece that can hold a male bowl.

  1. gas pump: This is an interesting new way to smoke, and it’s called a gas pump because that’s exactly what it looks like. the concept is unique in that instead of placing a dab on the quartz nail or titanium nail, you heat up the pump made from quartz and you have to suck up the wax essentially, after prolonged usage you realize that this is NOT the most efficient way to smoke wax. Quite the novelty item.

  1. Nails quartz:  Understanding nails can be a bit more complicated, but it’s generally accepted that a titanium nail will outlast a quartz nail by three, and they can almost last a lifetime. Just one quick piece of advice, remember to use a butane torch, a propane torch can technically reach (with perfect conditions) a temperature higher than titaniums melting point, which can cause cracking.

There are plenty of more ways to smoke, such as skillets, vape pens, healthstones, and noodle rigs. The point is that the sharp increased used of wax correlated directly to the unique amount of ways that people are finding to smoke. (In a desperate time, a knife hit is something that you should look up, it’s quite interesting) Just like the increase in methods to smoke wax, there’s been an increase in quality and strength of the wax.

Innovation has not only led to the expansion of ways to smoke, but the percentage of thc in wax is constantly going up, while prices keep dropping. A 80% wax used to cost about 60-70 dollars a gram, you can now find that in dispensaries for 30 dollars a gram. The increase in purity and the drop in price make it ideal for chronic pain patients, but it also makes recreational use easier and cleaner than ever before benefiting the whole community.

Although all this innovation is great for people in chronic pain, and even for a recreational user who uses responsibly, but there are a small percentage of wax smokers who are killing the name of wax in the public view. When you talk to anti-legalization activists, they will always bring up the danger of wax and how people are hurting themselves from it.

Videos like this one are ruining the rep, but boy did that cocky man deserve that knockout. All talk, no walk.

As a proponent of legalization, the best advice would be for smokers to take a little at a time, and stay at home. Doing stupid things on wax and blowing yourself up makes it worse for the rest of us. Compromise has to be made, and improving wax safety (stopping stupidity) is the one crucial key for winning the war on legalization.


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