Hotbox Cannabis Product Reviews

Thursday, May 28th, 2015



HotBox Cannabis Product Reviews


With the growing acceptance and legalization of cannabis use and sales in the United States, consumers are often left guessing about the products and accessories that are necessary for proper, healthy, and safe use of medicinal and recreational cannabis. There was a void in the industry of resources to help patients determine the best products for their specific needs. Until HotBox was born.

Founded in January of 2014, HotBox was originally planned as a monthly subscription box to provide new and innovative products to people who might otherwise not have access to the companies that make them. It soon became clear that a gap between the consumer knowledge base and the shops providing the information and products was growing, and there was no link between the two to close it. HotBox Magazine became the apparent answer, supplying the general public with a resource that allows them to research products, and for the companies and smoke shops that sell the products, an outlet to showcase new products and innovations.

HotBox Magazine is comparable to a Consumer Report or Car&Driver for smoke shop products and accessories”, says Roy, co-founder and COO. “We have become the go-to product knowledge base for these products, the first of its kind that focuses solely on the smoke shop products in the industry.”

With such huge growth in products available to smoke shops to carry, HotBox Magazine has shouldered the enormous undertaking of being the most extensive editorial website to provide articles, product reviews, and interviews that showcase the newest, and safest products as they come on the market. Additionally, the YouTube Channel, HotBoxTV, provides “Watch Us Try It Before You Buy It” videos, allowing consumers to see new products in action, before committing to what can sometimes amount to a costly purchase.

Roy adds, “We aim to give our readers a solid, working knowledge of the products they’re interested in using, while also ensuring that the products we showcase are reliable, safe, and backed by dependable companies. Our strategy from the beginning was to form as many partnerships as possible in the industry: non-financially binding partnerships to create an information base. We have so far accumulated over three hundred partners, including leaders in the industry like GravLabs and Happy Daddy Products. Our readers know we only partner with reliable, safe, dependable companies, and can therefore expect the same qualities from the products they research and ultimately decide to buy. Our partners know HotBox is essential to their support system to keep their customers happy long term by providing them with accurate descriptions and reviews of each product.”

Noticing a lack of regulation over the products emerging into the smoke shop industry, Roy also realized the need for a system that, once in place, would provide consumers with the comfort of knowing that certain products are exceptional. To gain HotBox Approved status, new products are rigorously and extensively tested, and the inner workings of the companies making the products are closely examined.

“A HotBox Approved stamp is an immediately identifiable way for companies to show that their products are reliable and safe, and that their customer service is trustworthy and top-notch, ” states Roy. “You can find the HotBox Approved logo on over a dozen different products, either on the packaging, or the products themselves, and more products are being tested all the time. The goal is for the average consumer to be able to walk into their local smoke shop, and right away recognize the HotBox Approved logo, and to know, without a doubt, that product will be worth the purchase price. Flashy packaging and celebrity endorsements can trick consumers into buying a ‘cool looking’ product at the sake of safety or customer service. We aim to weed out the non-supported, fly-by-night products, and keep our readers confident in the products and accessories they go into their smoke shops to buy.”

Always looking toward the future of the industry, HotBox has several goals set forth. A white-labeled printed magazine, smoke shop location finding services, mobile apps, and more are already in the works. Continually striving to maintain the most up-to-date information available, HotBox also has goals towards providing more for everyone: more ways for consumers to find more products, more platforms for companies to get in front of and be seen by their target audience, and more avenues for smoke shops to get more products into their shops and their customers hands.

“Each time a person walks into a dispensary, that person needs a minimum of three to five products and accessories to consume and maintain their medical cannabis. Safety needs to be of the utmost concern, in both storage and consumption. Daily use of medical cannabis requires the safest of high quality material with good support to back it up. Unfortunately, more expensive products are harder to sell, because the average consumer won’t trust what they don’t know. HotBox is creating the platforms for the consumers, the companies, and the smoke shops to trade information, to allow everyone the best experience possible.”

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