Does Cannabis Cure Skin Cancer?

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015
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By Bud S. Moker, Th.C.


Last year on November 11th, 2014 I had an appointment with a well-respected dermatologist in Los Angeles County to find out if a strange mark on my left shoulder was skin cancer.


A few weeks later I was called and given the bad news: The biopsy showed it was basil cell cancer and it was recommended that I schedule a Mohs Surgery to remove it.

During my follow-up appointment, I asked why I needed the more expensive Mohs Surgery (3-6x the cost of a regular excision) and was told that either would be fine. What? Then why the fuck did you tell me to get the most expensive surgery!?! I had done my own research, of course, and found out that Mohs Surgery IS a great option for cancers of the face because it reduces the amount of skin removed and therefore reduces scarring. However, this cancer was on the back of my shoulder and NOTHING I found suggested that Mohs Surgery was called for. I was pushed to make a choice of how I would be cut, but I refused. Instead , I furthered my studies on alternative methods of curing skin cancer.

After reading through the available literature, I stumbled across Phoenix Tears. From their website I learned how to make a highly concentrated cannabis oil touted to cure even aggressive sink cancers in a matter of weeks.

What follows are my notes which detail my treatment schedule and final results.


12/13/14 – made batch of cannabis oil and applied to area then covered with bandage. Was hard to spread because it had cooled. Covered an area 4mm in every direction as this is what the medical professionals would do when removing via incision or Mohs. I pray this works!!!

12/15/14 – reapplied and put a new bandage.

12/18/14 – replaced and put new bandage this morning. My cancer began itching during the past few days. Not sure what it means, but something is going on.

12/20/14 – reapplied.

12/23/14 – reapplied.

12/27/14 – reapplied. Was itching every 3rd day or so, but not any more.

12/30/14 – reapplied. Thinking of how to test after a full 2 months of treatment.

1/1/14 – reapplied.

1/4/14 – reapplied.

1/7/14 – reapplied. Been itching again.

1/12/14 – reapplied. Wondering how I’m going to find out for sure if any cancer remains. Maybe the Mohs? Or maybe they can disclose the lab results of the “regular” surgery? Need to find out. Itching again this morning, but still not sure if due to bandage. I suppose I could take off the bandage after day two as it’s already been absorbed or washed off.

1/15/15 – reapplied.

1/18/15 – reapplied.

1/22/15 – reapplied.

1/26/15 – reapplied. Been speaking to surgeon’s office about doing another biopsy or a full excision. However, they are only familiar with making sure the margins are clear and not sure they do a cross section to check to see if there’s any cancer whatsoever. I had to wait until the surgery coordinator came back and now the main doctor is gone on vacation. When I mention examining the whole piece to see if any cancer is left, I get radio silence and they have no idea what I’m talking about. 🙂

1/27/14 – according to Phoenix tears, 3 weeks plus 2 weeks ought to cure it. I’m past that point and think I will stop now until my next biopsy or surgery.

5/19/15 – after many calls and much research I underwent Moh’s treatment to see if my cancer had been cured or not. I decided to go with this expensive technique because they take a small layer at a time and examine it thoroughly. On top of this, I had them cut into the specimen further to verify that the entire sample was clear of cancer (not just the margins). When I left the office I knew that after only one layer of removal, there was no cancer in the margins. This is good news because it means my skin is cancer free. However, I have yet to receive the results from the further testing requested.

5/20/15 – the surgen’s office called back and guess what? No cancer in specimen whatsoever!


I have proved, using myself as a patient, that skin cancer (at least basil cell cancer) can be cured with no burning, freezing or cutting. My final word, “Cannabis can cure skin cancer.”


This could have been avoided!


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