Thursday, January 15th, 2015


By Lex Renner

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Indiana seems to be an unlikely state to see any form of cannabis legalization in the coming years, but that is not stopping State Senator Karen Tallian. Even though she has submitted other bills regarding cannabis legalization, she thinks the time is right for another one.

Coming off of the bill passed by the federal government that will end federal raids on legal dispensaries, Tallian is submitting a bill to the Indiana Senate that will legalize medical marijuana. This bill, if it passes, will set up a medical marijuana system similar to that seen in other states with legalization.

Coming off of a sneaky spending bill that ended federal funding for raids of legal dispensaries, momentum in the legalization movement is building. This is the first sign of legitimacy from the federal government, and Tallian has taken it as a green light.

Her previous attempts at submitting bills have ended without so much as a hearing, but Tallian thinks this time will be different. She hopes that in the wake of this new federal law, her bill will at least be heard. Will the first sign of legitimacy from the federal government, momentum might be in Tallian’s favor.

While experts still say that Indiana will likely be one of the last states to legalize, Tallian is not deterred. She thinks that her efforts will have an impact. At the very least, she is hoping to bring decriminalization to Indiana, which still harbors harsh penalties for possession. At this point, state decriminalization seems only logical. The Indiana state government does not agree.

Tallian’s efforts are unlikely to be rewarded any time soon, but she is still fighting relentlessly to bring cannabis to this Midwest state. Even though she is fighting a conservative, Republican Senate, she remains hopeful that her efforts will have an impact on the legalization movement in Indiana.

The state may still have a long way to go, but there is momentum building in every state that will take over eventually. Tallian’s efforts will not go in vain, even if no legalization results from her efforts.

She is bringing this issue to the forefront of Indiana politics, and to the minds of many in the Senate that would not give it another thought without her. Even without any action in law, Tallian is bringing the discussion to the floor. Opening up this discussion will lead to action in the future.


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