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Marijuana has been controversially used in the treatment of numerous illnesses. The list of demonstrated benefits may experience an addition very soon since researchers have revealed compounds present in marijuana that might aid in controlling metabolic ailments, or to be precise, Type 2 Diabetes.

The question presently at hand is whether marijuana has a role in weight loss.

Scientists in southern England are secretly growing marijuana vegetation using GW Medicines, bred to yield diverse volumes of cannabinoids, which are elements extracted from the plants. Cannabinoids are substances that trigger cannabinoid receptors in the human body, which in turn might have an effect on cardiovascular and gastrointestinal activity, bones and overall pain management.

GW Pharmaceuticals has presently manufactured a drug from cannabinoid that is called Sativex (an oromucosal spray that eases cancerous pain as well as treating signs of manifold neuropathic pain and sclerosis). Researchers announced a discovery of two substances, THCV and cannabidiol, found in the leaves of marijuana that can intensify the quantity of calories your body burns.

This discovery demonstrates that these particular two constituents can be used to treat Type 2 Diabetes in animals. Consequently, it opens possibilities for drugs that can treat metabolic disorders which are an amalgamation of diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity, which escalate a person’s opportunity of suffering a heart ailment or a stroke.

Both cannabidiol and THCV has been shown to help with levels of fat and how your body reacts to insulin. Precisely, researchers discovered that THCV augmented sensitivity to insulin in animals by guarding the cells that manufacture insulin.

Possible negative effects of marijuana:

As much as we are investigating the effect of marijuana on diabetes, let’s not forget to focus on its possible negative effects on the human body. Studies have shown that cannabis has a numerous effect on blood glucose regulation depending on dosage. These include:

  • Concentration and memory related complications which may affect glycaemia control.
  • High appetite and a thirst for sweet and fatty foodstuff that subsequently may result in hyperglycemia (unusual high levels of blood sugar).
  • Compromised tolerance to glucose and hyperglycemia when used heavily.

Potential benefits of marijuana:

Researchers have found significant health benefits of cannabis in regards to diabetics. These include:

  • It can stabilize blood sugar level.
  • It can suppress arterial inflammation regularly experienced by diabetics which leads to a cardiovascular ailment.
  • It can prevent nerve irritation and ease neuropathy pain in diabetics by stimulating brain and body receptors.
  • It can lower blood pressure that can aid in reducing the danger of a heart disease and further complications.
  • It can assist in keeping blood vessels open and advance blood circulation.
  • It plays a vital role in easing muscle contractions and gastrointestinal (GI) syndromes.
  • Finally, it can be of use in the manufacture of topical ointments that can get rid of neuropathic pain and itchy feeling in the feet and hand as well.

Marijuana elements have also been related to a reduction in intra-ocular pressure (fluid pressure in the eye) in people ailing from glaucoma. An eye sickness instigated by disorders that sternly limit blood flow into the eye, such as severe retinopathy diabetes.

The main focus to this project is on diabetes, since this ailment is so prevalent, and a national insurance number is necessary in effectively managing diabetes.

Marijuana and its constituents present an extensive range of medicinal possibilities. Hopefully, these discoveries will give way to an effective cure to this ailments associated with obesity such as Type 2 Diabetes



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